A level

4 Lessons per month AS Programme

AS Mathematics, – 2 hours a week

(Weekend only)

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4 Lessons per month A2 PROGRAMME

A2 Mathematics – 2 hours a week

(Weekend only)

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A Level

Our staff are qualified specialist teachers in Mathematics, English and Science.

We understand the need to challenge our sixth formers with the highest quality in teaching & learning. We also understand the need to secure the highest A Level grades in order for them to meet their minimum UCAS requirements and to get into their preferred university choice. Our past students who received booster classes have achieved great heights in their studies, successfully entering careers in medicine, dentistry, architecture, banking, mathematics and engineering.

We are super proud of all our of our graduates and we will continue in our hard work which drives this success for the years to come.


  • AS Maths
  • AS English
  • AS Chemistry
  • AS Physics
  • AS Biology
  • A2 Maths
  • A2 English
  • A2 Chemistry
  • A2 Physics
  • A2 Biology