What Our Students have to say About us!

“ Thank you so much ! If it was not for the tuition in Oak Heights I would not have achieved a B grade in Mathematics at A level”

Year 13 – D. Tang

“The English Tuition on Saturday’s really helped me prepare for my GCSE English Lang, I received my result today it was A*”

Year 11 – I. Hassan

“Mathematics tuition really helped my prepare for my IGCSE Mathematics and additional mathematics. I have A* in Mathematics and a Distinction in Additional Mathematics Level 2*”

Year 11 – H Salem

I really enjoy coming to Oak Heights tuition centre and have been for nearly a year now. The lessons are fun and structured. I feel I have really improved in my Maths and my English.

Year 6 – Aman M

“I think Oak Heights Tuition has really helped me, the mathematic lessons are informative and well structured”

Year 10 – S Mohammed

“I enjoy coming to Oak Heights Tuition because every week a new challenge is waiting for me, the History and English lesson here are really good. Lessons are well planned and visual aids are used during the lesson”
Year 11 – B Khan

“ Oak Heights Tuition is really good and would recommend the centre to my friends. I have been attending A level mathematics here and Im hoping to achieve a grade A in my exams this year. The teachers here are fantastic !”
Year 13 – P Sarai

‘I really enjoy coming to Oak Heights tuition centre. It has really helped build my confidence in Mathematics ‘
M Abbas

“‘The extra support lessons in English Lit and Lang GCSE has really helped me. The tutor who is a graduate from
Oxford University has really inspired me ! ‘ I have been offered a place in Tiffins boys school thanks to the support and
guidance from Oak Heights Tuition’
H Mohamed