Evening GCSE Maths Course

Evening GCSE Maths Course

BOOK NOW: £  350.00  – 8 week programme

Course Name: GCSE Edexcel Mathematics: 1MA0

Start date: 19th September 2016, Monday 7pm – 9pm, Wednesday 7pm –
Course Fee per month £350.00 (2 hours a week)

Exam date: November 16 Series

Grade Criteria for GCE entrance programme: Most students will have at least a grade D in GCSE Mathematics. Lessons will consists of past paper questions with solutions.

Our experienced qualified teachers will conduct the lesson.
An assessment will be held at the end of each term to evaluate whether the student has learned the content in class before sitting the GCE examinations.

There may be materials you need purchase for your course. You’ll either make a one-off payment for these when you enrol, or you’ll buy them during the course. Your teacher will talk to you about any materials you need at interview or in your first class (if your course doesn’t require an interview).