Here in Oak Heights Tuition:

  • We provide students the content they need to do well in their GCSE and A Level examinations inlign with the syllabus
  • Our online plattorm provides an alternative to a private tutor in Maths or English
    Caters to student’s unique needs
  • Builds confidence, enjoyment and ability at the comfort of your own home
    Trusted by schools, loved by parents
  • Ensures that every child reaches their true potential by providing school progress reports on a termly basis.


Real teachers teaching you the lesson in real-time. You can ask questions just like in a real classroom

What one of our student has to say!

I was unable to attend the Tuition Centre for Maths but was given the option to attend the online Live Tuition lessons.
  It’s fantastic ! An interactive white board with screen sharing facilities taught by an experienced Teacher live. Highly recommend !
                                                                                                                                                                                                          O. Ali, University Student

Teachers can show and talk through live lessons on your own screen via the interactive whiteboard